Joseph (as in Mary and Joseph)

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We can identify Joseph as the husband of Mary, but how much do we truly know about him? Actually not a whole lot, but here are some facts that we do know.

  1. Joseph was a carpenter or craftsman. The Greek word for carpenter is tekton which can mean more than a carpenter, though it is most commonly used in regard to carpentry. (Matthew 13:55) Other meanings are artisan, stonemason, etc.
  2. Joseph’s father’s name was Jacob. (Matthew 1:16)
  3. Joseph’s words are not recorded in the Bible. No where does Joseph speak. We see his actions, but we don’t hear him talk.
  4. Joseph is only mentioned 15-16 times in God’s Word.
  5. Joseph was a righteous man. (Matthew 1:19)
  6. Joseph followed Jewish law, but was willing to step out of the strict standards of the law to be obedient to God. (Matthew 1:20-24)
  7. Joseph’s last mention was when the family traveled to the Feast of the Passover in Jerusalem when the Lord Jesus was 12 years of age. Interestingly this last mention of Joseph coincides with Christ saying that He needed to be about His Heavenly Father’s business.
  8. Joseph probably (scholars aren’t sure) died sometime between the Passover account and the Lord’s earthly ministry. We have no other mention of him and he’s not present at times we assume he would be present if he was still alive. (the wedding at Cana, etc.)
  9. Joseph was willing to protect his young family. When he learned that Mary was pregnant, he desired to divorce her privately rather than cause a scandal. (Engagement was as binding as marriage in those days.) Later when the angel appeared to him in a dream and told him to take Mary and the young child To Egypt – he did so immediately even though this was to another country.
  10. Joseph will be an interesting man to talk with in heaven. Don’t you think? What would you like to ask him?

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