Who Do We Thank?

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Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com

In Sparks last week (kindergarten-second grade) I talked to the kids about Thanksgiving.

Then I asked them, “Who(m) do we thank on Thanksgiving?”

“God,” they told me excitedly.

“Right,” I agreed, but then I asked them an additional question that I have wondered about myself.

“Who do you thank if you don’t believe in God?”

That got them thinking. One boy said, “Well, if someone holds the door for you, you can thank that person.”

I nodded in agreement, but then repeated, “but who are you thanking at Thanksgiving if you don’t believe in God?”

They looked puzzled and I am puzzled too, because I kind of don’t get it! Doesn’t thankfulness have to have an object (person)? I mean, if you love someone, there has to be someone to love. You don’t just love nothing! To me, thankfulness is the same way.  To thank someone, you have to have someone to thank!

I liked that the Sparkies figured that out on their own.

This Thanksgiving challenge your kids to think through who people thank if they don’t know the Lord.

And then be thankful that you DO know the Lord, that you know you are loved … and that you have Someone to thank.

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