Campfires and S’Mores

Tissue paper, logs and a battery-operated light.

One way to change up a lesson, is to change the scenery.

Like teaching around a campfire …

… in the living room … or the classroom.

Here’s something we did in our kids’ ministry on Halloween. We wanted to make it special for the kids who attended … so we built a fire and and enjoyed s’mores.

(You could also do this in your home. You want to have an important and memorable discussion with your kids. Why not “build” a fire?)

Arrange the items as if you’re building a fire.

Doing this is easy.

You need:


*Tissue paper in red, yellow, and orange. (I found all three colors in one multi-colored package.)

Turn off the lights.

*Battery-operated light. (The kind you simply press to turn on.)

*Optional – phone playing a YouTube video of a crackling fire.

Put the light in the center of your display.

Set up the wood as you would for a real campfire. Crinkle the tissue paper, alternating colors. Pull up into a point so it looks like a flame.

Put on the Youtube video and tuck under the tissue.

Turn of the lights!


To add to the mood, you could try one of the baked s’more recipes that are on the web. (Have lots of wet paper towels handy to clean off sticky hands.)

The kids “warming” their hands over the fire.




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