10 Activities to Do with Leaves

DSC_0274Earlier this week I listed 10 verses about trees, leaves and creation.

As we enjoy the display of autumn glory, we can emphasize to our kids how leaves come in all colors, shapes and sizes and we can thank the Lord for the beautiful explosion of color.

Here are 10 easy activities to do with your kids – all of them focusing on leaves. They don’t take much time or tools to make. In fact, most of them are self explanatory and don’t need instructions.

For all of these – Start by collecting a variety of leaves.

1, Make a garland of leaves. Tie leaves to a string  and then fasten string along the top of a window … or clear across the room.

2. Categorize leaves according to color, size and kind.

3. Rake your leaves so that they make paths in your yard for your young children to run through. (Make the roads by raking the paths clear and then using small piles of leaves for the road borders.)

4. Make a collage of leaves and other fall plant items (pinecones, acorns, etc.). Your child can glue onto card-strength paper or a piece of burlap.

5. Press favorite leaves in a book (or flower press) to keep them indefinitely.

6. Glue googly eyes on a leaf, draw mouth and nose – making leaf people.

7. Place the leaf under a thin piece of paper. With the side of a crayon, rub over the leave creating a leaf rubbing.

8. Punch shapes out of leaves with the punches used for scrapbooking. Scatter over the table for a festive meal.

9. Tape leaves to a piece of paper. Make sure they are secure on all the edges. Paint over the paper so when you remove the leaves, you will have negative white space and a colorful leaf outline.

10. Write (with marker) something you’re thankful for on a leaf. Make as many as you desire and then decorate with them.

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