Confused Kids and Christmas

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(Welcome to my new followers – I did want to mention again that I post on Monday, Wednesdays and Friday.)

We want to teach our kids (both personal and ministry) about God and His Word. Unfortunately, in our teaching, we sometimes confuse them more than we encourage them.

One way we do this is by focusing on a variety of people and events during a week’s church schedule.

Sunday morning class – subject is Paul and Silas

Children’s church – subject is Samson

Midweek program – subject is the parable of the sower

Not that any of these focuses isn’t good, but we don’t explain how the Bible flows together.

Very few of us have the authority to link the different various lessons together, but we can do this one thing.

If you are the mid-week teacher/leader, ask the Sunday teacher (or vice versa) if you can borrow the Sunday curriculum teaching guide for a day, an afternoon or even a few hours. You don’t have to study every lesson, but get an idea of what is being taught. You can then preface your own lesson by showing how the lessons tie together.

Example: “Hi kids, I’m excited about what we’re learning tonight. We’re talking about John 3. On Sundays you are learning about Moses and the children of Israel. Do you remember when Moses lifted up the serpent? (Numbers 21:4-9) That’s what these verses are talking about.”

Or: You are studying the prophets on Wednesday nights – Tonight we will show from the New Testament how some of those prophecies came true 400+ years later.

In other words, tie your lessons in with the other lessons that they’re presently hearing at your church to make the Bible flow and not be a series of disjointed stories.


Christmas is the time when we’re especially proficient at mixing up lessons —

Sunday school (or similar program) – the shepherds visit the manger.

Children’s church – the angel comes to Mary.

Sunday night (if your church has something for kids) – the wisemen.

Midweek program – Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem.

Think about that from the standpoint of a kid who knows nothing about the Bible.

Just a little confusing, right?

We’re in October – this is the time to coordinate. Why not ask the children’s ministry pastor or director to get all the leaders/teachers together?  (Or, f you go to a smaller church, could you coordinate this meeting yourself?) Buy some coffee and doughnuts and meet to plan out who will be teaching what during December? That way you can coordinate your emphasis, review each other’s lessons and give kids a clear understanding of what happened.

Think about ways the teachers/leaders in your church can coordinate their teaching … and not confuse the kids.


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