The Opposite of Right


Thanks to Deb del Villar for contributing today’s blog post.

The opposite of the word right is wrong? Right?

Wrong . In Scripture the opposite of the word right is false. The opposite of right is so much more than just being wrong, incorrect, or mistaken. The opposite of right is untrue, a lie, a sham.

Psalm 119:128 says “Therefore I consider ALL your precepts to be right; I hate every false way.” 

This is not just a wrong way – this is a false way, a contrary-to-the-will of God way. False is defined as not real or genuine, not true or accurate, deliberately untrue, done or said to fool or deceive someone, based on mistaken ideas. This Scripture is strong in its use of the word false. It reminds us that if we do not believe God’s Word to be right, true, genuine – we could very easily follow after a false way. A contrary, crooked way set by Satan to purposefully lead us astray, to fool us and to make a fool out of us.

Think about going on a trip with your parents and getting to an intersection where Dad or Mom must make a turn. Someone has gone on ahead and purposefully placed the sign going in the wrong direction – even a dangerous way – so you would not reach your destination. The sign is intentionally misleading and misdirecting.

God has given us His Word. This Scripture covers not just some of God’s precepts but all -equal respect to all His statutes and commands. No difference in our affection or our impartial practice of following. May we see God’s commands as right, good, pleasing, even pleasant directing us so we may safely reach our heavenly home.

Ask the children what they think of when they hear the words pleasing and pleasant. I picture a warm spring breeze coming through my open windows perfumed with lavender.

The word ‘hate’ in this verse speaks of hating personally and utterly.  The word false here is defined as revolting, odious, nauseating, offensive, repulsive, vile, and foul. Contrast what the children think of when they hear those words compared to when they heard pleasant and pleasing. God is telling us to think of the false way in these strong terms. May we hate the enemy and be repulsed by him as the vile, foul, offensive character he is. May the children we teach feel  the same.

How do we help our children to love God’s Word and reject the false way? We show them how precious God’s Word is to us by reading it, obeying it, and living it out before them. God’s Word is a treasure we hold dear!

May our children feel the pleasant breathe of fresh air when seeking God’s truth while spitting out and turning away from the false, nauseating way. The right way leads to life while the other leads to death.

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