Good Morning, Monday!

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Hey, everyone! This a new week! Let’s do something cool with our kids!

Like learn a verse. This will be fun, because we’ll make it fun!

Say … how about Galatians 5:22, 23: the fruit of the Spirit! 

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.

That’s actually two verses, but good ones for any of us to know … including teachers and parents.

MONDAY – the Youtube version. As your family gathers for breakfast, have one of the Fruit of the Spirit songs playing on your phone. (Youtube has several of them. The kids in our church learned Keep in Step with the Spirit – a Steve Green song, or at least he has a video of it on Youtube.)

TUESDAY – Play the song again. Also serve oranges or grapefruit for breakfast. Because here is something that sometimes confuses us. The Bible says “the fruit” of the Spirit, not NINE fruit of the Spirit. Think of it as one fruit with nine segments. The word fruit is  singular, not plural. And think about it, how can we have any of the other segments without goodness or peace, or love. You get the point.

So divide the orange/grapefruit into nine segments and have your kids name them while you all enjoy eating them.  Younger kids will do this. Older kids will think this is silly, but at the same time will be picking up information. (Sometimes out-of-the-ordinary is the best way to learn.) This is also a good time to describe each characteristic.

WEDNESDAY – Do you have the song playing again? Now think together about different incidents that have happened to your family this week. Which characteristic was displayed or SHOULD have been displayed? Discuss this around the breakfast or dinner table.

THURSDAY – Getting it yet? Do you have a chalkboard in your house? Have one of the kids write out the verse, illustrating the different characteristics. Then at dinner, have everyone repeat the verse together. Use expression as you say it. For instance, you could say the word “joy” with lots of joy. Younger kids pick up on expression and that helps them learn.

FRIDAY – Write out the verse – one copy for each family member. (Yes, dads and moms, too.) Cut it into several pieces – one word to a piece. Have races to see who can put the verses together the quickest. (If you have a wide age range – team a younger kid with a older kid or parent.)

SATURDAY  – Do you all know the song yet? Can you sing it together? Can you say the verse? Whisper it. Yell it. Say it slowly, then quickly. Give everyone an opportunity to repeat it.

SUNDAY – Without very much work at all – you learned two verses. Why not choose another one for next week?

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