Pearl Harbor and Hope

DSC_1005.jpgBecause I just returned from a week in Hawaii (where I did several workshops and met a lot of friendly people who care about reaching kids with the gospel), this post is a little different.

I will admit that I didn’t know much about Pearl Harbor before the past week. I knew the date of the attack, that it took place in Hawaii and that it was the Japanese who were involved. I have read many books about World War II, but most of those were from the Jewish perspective or the perspective of someone living in Europe – not the Pearl Harbor side.

So I was anxious to learn more. I looked at the museum displays and listened to the videos. I paid attention when we took the boat ride out to the Memorial. And I learned.

Being there gave me an overall view that I had not had before and also a new realization of how many had lost their lives. I also learned that two young men in the radar control room had seen what looked like planes coming in on the oscilloscope. At that time, radar was new and reading the signals was just beginning to be perfected. So when the men called in the warning, they were told “Don’t worry about it.” The lieutenant on duty said they were American planes coming in from San Francisco.

What if the two soldiers had been heeded and the Americans were able to defend their ships? The entire course of the war might have been different. And many lives – both American and Japanese would have been saved.

But that’s the world we live in. Bad things happen. People make mistakes. Countries fight wars. Nations do horrible things to each other. ¬†Humanity disobeys God. People lie and people accuse and people fail. “What ifs” change the course of history …

Everything is and always has been chaos.

On Sunday we attended a (very friendly) church in Hawaii Kai – just a little distance from Pearl Harbor. We sang the song Living Hope by Phil Wickham. Maybe because I haven’t seen Pearl Harbor before or even been to Hawaii that the words of the song floated around my brain. I thought about the message of the song compared to the story of Pearl Harbor …

You have broken every chain
There’s salvation in Your name
Jesus Christ, my living hope

Only through Christ do we find the answer to the bad things, the horrendous mistakes, the wars, the cruelty, the disobedience, the lies, the accusations, the failure, the “what ifs” of life …

Only through Him do we have salvation.

Only through Him do we have peace.

Our kids are growing up in this world. We have a message of hope to give them.

Let’s not forget that message.

Let’s pass it along to the children in our life.

And … let’s ALWAYS live like we believe it.

(For the complete video – watch the official Phil Wickham video on Youtube.)





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