Does Life Come with Instructions?

IMG_0642 2.jpgSometimes I teach very young kids and sometimes I teach kids with no church background. Sometimes the kids I teach are both young and have no church background.

I wanted to start with the basics: What IS the Bible?

In trying to think of an illustration, I came up with the following. I’m not saying it’s the best, but it did get the point across and they understood what I was saying.


I started the lesson by asking: “What are some big events of life?” I gave them a start: Being born. Then asked them. Some that they mentioned, I had already written on Legos, but others I hadn’t, so I added them on the spot to the empty blocks.

Then I said, “How do I know how to put these blocks together? Oh wait! I need instructions. Look, right here, I have an instruction book for my Lego Life tower.” In the “book,” I had listed how to put the two towers of life events together.


But then I went off the illustration and said, “Do we actually get instructions for life? When we were born, was there an instruction book like this? Did our mom and dads have directions as to how to raise us? Do we have a book that tells us how to live through these life events? Is there such a book?”

At first they (kindergarten through 2nd graders) were sure that there wasn’t, that nothing helps us, we’re on our own.

But then one of the boys raised his hand (understanding what I was getting at).

“The Bible,” he said. “In the Bible God gives instructions on how we should live.”IMG_0646

For the rest of the lesson we talked about the Bible. God created us. So who better to tell us how to live? I then said I would teach them a BIG word because they were so smart. I said that God inspired the men to tell them what to write. I explained that inspiration means God-breathed. The God-breathed part is what I emphasized. (Inspiration is one of those words we often attempt to define, but most human definitions break down. That’s why I feel it’s best to go with the actual God-breathed definition.)

I ended the lesson by saying that Bible tells us how God loves the world and sent His Son to save us so that our disobedience is forgiven and we have forever life with Him. (Disobedience being when we don’t listen to the instructions God gives us in His Word.)

Of course, the Bible is so much more and we will continue with the lessons, but this was an understandable way to introduce right and wrong to the kids and to explain the place a Bible has in our lives.

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