Walk Like a Squirrel

squirrel on wood
Photo by Antu00f4nio Ferreira Neto on Pexels.com

One of the key words of Ephesians is “walk.” We often refer to the Christian walk when we teach kids … and even sing songs that talk about the walk.

But what exactly is it? Is this another concept we throw out there without explaining what the words mean?

A verse that summarizes the Christian walk in just a few words is Ephesians 5:15:  Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise. (Ephesians 5:15)

One of the aspects of the Christian walk is not only going forward, but paying attention to what’s around you.

ESV says walk carefully. The KJV says walk circumspectly. The word circumspect gives us a great word picture of the careful walk.

Looking at the etymology of circumspect …

CIRCUM – around

SPECT – look

We can explain the circumspect walk to a child by pointing out a kitten or squirrel walking across a narrow fence or wire. Each step is taken with care.

How does a child walk circumspectly? By watching what’s around her as she moves forward.

Here’s some ways she can do that.


*Are you on websites you shouldn’t be on?

*Are you hanging around with kids who constantly try to persuade you to do what’s wrong?

*Are you sneakily doing some things your parents don’t want you to do?

*Are you looking at magazines, reading books, or playing video games that put wrong things in your head?

*Are you ignoring time to talk to the Lord or study His Word?

Our walk should be solely focused on the Lord, watching each step in awareness of what’s around us. We should walk circumspectly.


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