Sticky Memory Idea

IMG_0491Every once in awhile I’ll post a memory activity. Sure, there are digital programs out there, but sometimes the simplest ideas still work the best.

Here’s one I like and is easy to set up.

Using craft sticks (or if you want to eat a lot of popsicles, you can do it that way, too!)

  1. They’re easy to work with and they’re sturdy (so they’ll last from kid to kid or year to year).
  2. They’re all the same size.
  3. They’re fairly inexpensive.
  4. They’re easy to tie into a bunch for storage.IMG_0492.jpgHere are some ways you can use them.
  5. Hide the sticks around the room and have the child or team look for them. When the child/team finds all the pieces, they put them in order.
  6. Time the child to see how quickly she can put them together.
  7. Mix up more than one verse and again, time the child to see how quickly he can put the two (or more) verses together.
  8. Make more than one set and have two kids or two teams race against each other.

If you can think of any other ways to use the sticks, let me know!

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