Book Review – Let’s Explore Israel

IMG_0304Teaching kids that Bible destinations are real places, is a big part of my philosophy. If we don’t show them actual photos/videos, they  will add Bethlehem and the Red Sea on their mental list next to Hundred Acre Wood or Alice’s Rabbit Hole.

This small book, published by ZONDERkidz does a great job of introducing kids to Israel. The pictures include scenes from the Dead Sea, Caesarea, and the Sea of Galilee, with references as to where they are mentioned in the Bible.

Contemporary life is also covered: what they eat, what holidays are celebrated, and short biographies of some well-known people who live there. (The book includes a paragraph on Zaat’ar, the spice I wrote about in Monday’s blog post.)

Although much of the book is an overview of the land and culture without specific tie-ins to Scripture, the subjects talked about are informative and can give a child an overall view of the country.

The book is available on Amazon


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