Book Review – Guarding the Treasure

519FN0AbwBL._AC_US218_Here’s a good book for an older child – mid -to late elementary.

The author, Linda Finlayson, writes a narrative including the stories of King Alfred, William Tyndall, Cameron Townsend and Jo Shetlar and how, historically, these people helped preserve God’s Word.

The book gives a glimpse of church history and an overview of how the Bible survived.   The book is written in kid-friendly language.

The book is written in story form and is factual.  Included is a glossary of not-necessarily-kid-understandable words such as: heresy,  dialect and papal bull. Also included is a detailed bibliography – not only to back up the facts, but these resources could be used for further study. Maps are also included, as is a timeline of the Bible.

This would be a great book to read together as a family. Or, if you’re a teacher, you could read a chapter each week to your class.





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