Have a Teachable (Think Bible) Roadtrip

green leafed trees
Photo by Drew Rae on Pexels.com


A lot of people are going a lot of places.

In fact, TSA said that Friday, June 29th, might have been the busiest day EVER at airports. People are heading out of town.

Is your family going somewhere? Either flying or by car? Getting away is surprising, fun, and can be full of adventure.

But let’s not forget the Lord as we walk out the door.

Here’s some ways to have a teachable trip this summer.

***Choose four or five verses to learn together. Psalm 148 is a good chapter about creation (as you drive by cornfields, mountains, and lakes). Even little kids can easily understand most of the words and you can apply the verses to the cool sites you are seeing.

***Gather audio books to listen to as a family. Many church libraries have a good             audio selection of CDs such as Odyssey.  Or, if you have a car DVD player, stock up on family-friendly DVDs. Again, check out your church library.  If your church library doesn’t have a selection, ask around. Family and friends may have some you could borrow. (However, limit the time spent listening and watching and enjoy good family conversation.)

***Pay attention to explanations in museums or other tourist spots. Are they biblical in what they’re saying or are they promoting something ungodly? Use this as an opportunity to discuss the truth with your kids. If you see something misleading, ask the kids what the problem is and see if they can figure it out.

***Attend church – but if your kids are older and knowledgeable, don’t necessarily choose a church just like yours. Allow your kids to be exposed to a church that might not agree with your beliefs. Discuss this with your kids afterwards. What did they think about the message? Was everything the pastor said found in the Bible? What was good, what wasn’t so good? I remember taking our young teens to a church on vacation one year in which the pastor began his sermon by saying, “I have no idea what these verses mean, but I have to preach on them (because of a required denominational schedule), so I’m doing the best I can.” Both our kids picked up on it … and they both knew what the passage meant – it wasn’t that difficult.

***Read guests books in visitors’ centers. First of all, it’s fun to see who visited from your state or town. Second, it’s interesting to read the comments. I remember standing in a visitors’ center, overlooking an exquisite mountain. Just about every other comment mentioned God’s creation. We let the kids add our own family’s comments.

***Relate interesting wildlife, fantastic scenery, etc. back to God. This doesn’t need to be a sermon, just a quiet comment,  When you see that bear cub at Yellowstone or the field of wildflowers – “Wow! God’s creation is spectacular, isn’t it?”

***Serve as a family at a Christian camp or conference grounds. Often places are looking for camp nurses, maintenance staff, etc. Usually kids can stay with their parents and have great experiences swimming, horseback riding, hiking, etc. and hearing some great speakers.

***Ask a question of the day.

  1. Whom do you most want to meet in heaven? (Tell them you know they want to meet the Lord, but ask: Who is second on your list?)
  2. What Bible character would you have most like to be?
  3. What’s the biggest question you have about the Bible? (Then make sure you answer it.)

This is not a complete list of how to have a teachable road trip, but I hope it gives you some ideas to incorporate into your family vacation.

Have a great time!

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