Book Review: Joey



In reviewing Joey, I am veering off the blog’s main focus: providing content and thought pieces about teaching kids about the Bible.

On the other hand, I know that many of you have/know older kids who love horses (especially in the middle-school, early high school age group).

Joey is the story of a Appaloosa that was once a show-jumper and in many dressage competitions. In fact, he and his rider were headed for the Olympics when he was injured. That halted his equestrian career.

After his accident, he was the victim of neglect, but then was rescued by a foster horse farm. By the time he was acquired by Hope Reins Ranch, he was in fairly good physical shape – except he couldn’t see.

Hope Reins Ranch “serves kids in life crisis through our 33-acre ranch, rescued horses, and restoration in Christ.”

The book explains in detail how they trained Joey to see his way around the paddock and also talks about the bond he had with one of the little girls who came to the ranch.

This is an adult book but also a good read for older kids and teens. I don’t recommend it for younger kids. Along with the horse training, the story also slightly (but not too deeply) touches on some of the struggles the trainers were facing. And (spoiler) some of the beloved horses (including Joey) die.

Because I know many kids love horse stories and it’s difficult to find one that is both about horses and faith, I decided to do this review. Especially if you’re looking for a good horse book for your child to read this summer.

Joey, by Jennifer Marshall Bleakley, Tyndale Momentum, May 2018.

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