Book Review – Irresistible

IMG_9948A month or so ago, Kidmin Nation Library published the book, Irresistible: How to Engage Kids and Point Them to Jesus.

The book is comprised of several chapters, each written by a different person in kids’ ministry. The book covers topics such as object lessons, keeping a journal, and ministering to preschoolers. Each of the chapters has ideas to be used in your own ministry.

I personally wrote chapter 15: “Even an Ear Bone Makes a Difference: Engaging Kids in their Spiritual Gifts.”

Sometimes we think of spiritual gifts being something only available to adults, but God doesn’t put an age limit on His gifts. My chapter defines gifts, describes the individual gifts (from Romans 12), and gives ideas to help kids begin utilizing their gifts.

At the same time, I caution; many kids will not have a definitive idea of how they want to serve as adults, but some do. And by introducing them to the gifts, giving them opportunity for service, and encouraging them, we are getting them off to a good start.

The book can be purchased through Amazon.

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