Fading Flowers

800px-Yellow_rose_macro_close_upWe’ve been talking about the “aliveness” of the Bible and how we explain that to our kids. I suggested showing them a letter from someone whom you loved who has passed away. Next we talked about the Bible being a sword and how we need to teach kids how to make use of the sword. 

Isaiah 41:8 is another verse describing the living Word of God.  

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.

This is a verse we often teach to kids because the words are simple, understandable and kid-friendly (though they convey a deep truth.)

Bring a flower – or bouquet of flowers – into your home or classroom. (You can also bring some grass.) With your kids, talk about how the flowers/grass look beautiful now, but will quickly fade (or wilt). Watch the grass/flowers for several days. Discuss how quickly they are wilting.  (Or if you’re doing this with a class, leave them sit all week.) Emphasize that the Word of God does not fade like the flowers and grass.

What’s important is that the kids understand that that this verse is talking about the promises of God, not a tangible Bible. (Again, you can illustrate this by bringing in an old Bible that has ripped pages, stains, etc.) A book does fade away.  Someone’s Bible might fall off a shelf, get caught in a house flood, or even be destroyed by a little brother or sister! But God’s Word, the words we read inside the Bible, will NOT be destroyed. His promises are eternal.

For older kids, you can add explanation.IMG_9957

  1. This verse was part of the prophet’s message to the Jewish people, but we can apply it to all God’s promises.
  2. Bad news: not only flowers and grass, but all life falls apart. That’s the world we live in. Things break, flowers wilt, and people get sick. Good news: our relationship with Christ is eternal. Yes, we die physically, but we will immediately be with our Heavenly Father in heaven. That relationship will never, ever wilt and fade away.

With out world constantly vying for our kids’ attention with statements such as “part of the Bible isn’t true,” or “that’s made up,” or “that was written too long ago,” we need to emphasize the eternal power of God’s Word.


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