Explaining Worship to Kids (What? An Excited Puppy?)

What does a dog have to do with worship? Today’s post is written by my son, Jeff Weddle. Jeff is pastor of the Rhinelander Bible Church, Rhinelander, Wisconsin. He did a study on the Greek word worship and he tells us how we can explain the word worship to kids.  

 is big. God is awesome. We aren’t. We read repeatedly in the Bible that creatures who are smaller than God (and that means everyone) are to worship Him.

My guess is that most kids think worship has something to do with music … especially singing. Although music can certainly be part of music, worship is so much more.

The New Testament uses two different Greek words to talk about worship. One of them has a great illustrative definition!

Jeff’s Greek Lecture: If you haven’t taught Greek words to kids, you’re missing out on some fun!

First of all, Greek words can be crazily fun to say and kids get a kick out of pronouncing weird-sounding words.

Second, what great fun for kids to learn a word that they can explain to their parents.

Third, the New Testament is written in Greek. Things (like words) get lost in translation. Giving kids an insight into the language in which the N.T. was written can expand their interest in God’s Word.

Anyhow, back from my teach-kids-Greek-lecture to the word worship. One of the words used for worship is proskumayo. You pronounce pros (as in prosecute) ku (as in cool) and neo (as Naomi). Pros-ku-neo.

This is the word used most commonly in the book of Revelation where angels and other beings worship the glorified God in heaven. According to Strong’s Definitions (an authority on Greek words) proskumayo means to kiss! Okay, that’s fun right there. But the word gets even more fun. Here is the exact wording from Strongs.

Meaning to kiss, like a dog licking his master’s hand.


Okay, that’s fascinating! Strong’s thinks that the ku part of proskumayo is from the Greek word khan which is the Greek word for dog. The word literally means a dog kiss!

Worshipping God can be a difficult concept for a kid (or anyone) to understand – especially in our culture. We often regulate worship to a Sunday morning service or a team on the platform rather than a 24-7 lifestyle of praise and adoration.

But everyone has seen the excitement of a dog greeting its owner. The dog crouches down, jumps up, runs circles, licks (even though you’ve told him not to 327 times), and sometimes even knocks his owner down in his fervor.  No one can doubt that the dog has adoration for its “person.”

Are we that joyful in our worship of God?

We have a good Master. Let’s live our lives in a spirit of adoration for who He is and what He has done for us.

Activity: If you have your own dog, talk with your children about your pet’s fervor when the family comes home. If you don’t have your own dog, take a “field trip” to a dog park and watch other dogs with their owners. Your goal is to give your kids a visual picture of your illustration.







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