Do Some Rocking and Reading

Today’s post is written by Deb del Villar. Deb has worked in children’s and youth ministry for years and like me, has a passion for teaching kids the truths of God’s Word. You will see more of Deb’s writing in upcoming posts.debs phone 2015 485

And how from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred writings, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus (2 Timothy 3:15)

This verse begs the question: How do we acquaint our children, especially the very young children, with the Bible – God’s Holy Word? We understand the why, but then what?  We desire them to trust Christ. We desire them to obediently and passionately follow the Lord Jesus Christ from childhood.

So, let’s think of some ways to accomplish this.

First – they need to see us reading the Bible. Even as a small child they will notice the importance of Scripture in our lives. They will see that we handle the Bible with reverence, care, and love. They will watch us spend time reading it and maybe even journaling what we’ve learned from Scripture. They will imitate our example. Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ (1 Corinthians 11:1) They might even grab their own Bible and climb up on the couch beside us, looking intently at the page just as we do.

But maybe your children are still babies or toddlers and are too young to notice what you’re doing. Thinking back to those days in my own life, I remember hours of rocking my babies. These were special times that I captured for acquainting them with God’s Word. I rocked and read the Bible to them. I rocked and sang Christian songs to them. I rocked and prayed over them. These snuggling times – especially in the middle of the night when was all was quiet and there were no disruptions or distractions vying for my attention were cherished moments. As you rock, read, sing, and pray; your children begin to recognize words they hear again and again. They are becoming aware and familiar with God’s Word.

Second, church is another great way for children to become acquainted with God and His Word. They will see and hear others who know and love God. Hearing someone else speaking the same words they’re hearing at home help those words become even more familiar. The children begin to know the words, the tunes, and even the posture of prayer. Isn’t it wonderful to see a young toddler spontaneously sing or fold his chubby little hands to pray? Or to hear a small child retelling a Bible lesson to her stuffed animals and dolls?

How does a young child come to be acquainted with the Bible? Through seeing and hearing others share it again and again. Share in the comments below how you’ve help your young children become familiar with God’s Holy Word.

Now start rocking, reading, singing, and praying.

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