God’s Outlaw (Book Review)

(Teaching our kids the hard things is important to the understanding of their faith. Stories such as this one which explain what men and women experienced because of their faith can impact a child’s life.)

IMG_9365God’s Outlaw by A. Paquette and illustrated by R.F. Palavicini is the story of William Tyndall and the English Bible. The book is published by The Voice of the Martyrs.

This is a picture book for younger kids, but the story content also makes is appealing to older kids and even adults who want an overview of Tyndale’s life.

Tyndale was a smart man who could read the Bible in both Hebrew and Greek, but was frustrated that it wasn’t available in English … and that is why he began translating the words. (Think about it – with quill and parchment.)

But the church leaders were upset. They didn’t want the common people reading the Bible.

Tyndale continued pursuing his goal, all the time attempting to get permission – to no avail and life got very dangerous.

I won’t tell the entire story, but I will say he was imprisoned and put to death at the end.

Sometimes parents/teachers think we should keep such horrifying circumstances away from children, but out kids need to know what people have gone through in order for us to have God’s Word available to us.

I strongly recommend this book. (Voice of the Martyrs also has several other books in the series.) If you’re concerned about the content, do a quick read through before reading it to your children so you are prepared to explain it. But one of the best ways for kids to learn to be strong in their faith is to know about others who were strong and did not bend in the face of persecution.

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