Pizza and Paint

Kendall PaintingOne way kids learn about Scripture is by expressing the meaning of a verse through art. Thanks to Tina Houser, (who goes by the title Silly Grandma :)) for giving me permission to replicate her post on their church’s (Shorewood Church of God, Shorewood, Illinois) Pizza and Paint Party.

The Pizza and Paint Party was scheduled for 2 1/2 hours following Sunday-morning church. Tina says it was the best extra activity they had done in a long time and that the kids got so much out of it.

Sixty Scripture verses were on the wall. Kids chose the one they wanted to depict through art. Canvases, clay pots, tissue paper mosaics, and  Scripture coloring pages were available. (The coloring pages were an activity to do while the paint dried.) The results were amazing.

One parent said, “I don’t know why she made this man taking off his shoes,” and then he chuckled. I said, “Turn it over. The verse on the back will tell you.” She had Exodus 3:5 about taking off your shoes because you’re on holy ground. The dad broke into a big smile.

As the kids showed their parents what they had done, Tina says, “I heard beautiful explanations of the words and kids reciting Scripture. All the artwork will be part of an upcoming service which the kids will lead around the theme of celebrating the Bible.”

Thanks again, Tina, for sharing a great idea.

Room Full of PaintersScripture Coloring station readyTissue paper mosaic station readyOlivia with tissue paper artLaila's WorldCanvas stations readyVerse on the BackPainting BackgroundsGabe Painting Clay PotBowen with Colored Pencils

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