Missing Pilot

Wait – not THAT kind of pilot – but Pontius Pilate, governor of the Roman province Judea – the ruler who made the choice to condemn Christ.

But before we get to that …


By the time kids reach the middle elementary grades, many are asking questions like how we know the Bible is true or did the events of the Bible really happen and did Bible characters really live?

When we took this picture – the stone was still near the place where it had been found – now it is in the Israel Museum.

These questions may continue through middle school, high school and beyond. We have a choice … we can ignore the questions, laugh them off and tell the kids to “go ask the pastor,” … or equip them to find answers through research and Bible study. (Of course, asking  a parent, a teacher or a pastor is a good thing, but parents, teachers, and pastors aren’t always RIGHT there to answer.)

Of course, our trust in Christ comes down to faith. We don’t need proof, but studying archaeology is fascinating.

Take advantage of kids’ curiosity. Many kids enjoy research projects. Explain that archeological findings aren’t biblical proof, but rather confirmation of what we already know.

Suggest a subject that they can research (to confirm the Bible) and then ask them to come back and report to the family or class.

Here’s an example of what they could research.

We read about Pontius Pilate in the Gospels.

We also can find reference to him in a few non-biblical tests such as Josephus. Yet for hundreds of years, there was nothing (outside of the Bible/books) found to indicate to the skeptics that he was a real person. Scholars mocked the Bible and claimed Christians made him up so they’d have a good story.

Then in 1961, a memorial stone was found in Caesarea Maritima (along the Mediterranean, 30 miles north of Tel Aviv) with an inscription which translated means: To the Divine Augusti Tiberiem … Pontias PIlate prefect of Judea has dedicated this …

The name was correct. The location was correct. The date of the stone was correct.

The Bible is correct.

So challenge your kids. Have fun with them. Encourage them to discover the truth.

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