Walk a Cubit or Two (Activity)

Here’s a fun activity that is also a great learning experience for kids (and for adults).

We know that Noah’s Ark is big and has little to do with the cartoon-like pictures  that have the giraffe sticking his neck out the window.

But just how big was it? Mathematicians have figured out all kinds of comparisons – but today we’ll stick to the basic – how long was the ark? Genesis 6:15 tells us that it was 300 cubits.

Now we have a small uncertainty. Different groups of people (before standardized measurements) had different lengths for cubits. (Anywhere from the Hebrew people saying 17.5 inches to the Egyptians measuring a cubit at 20.6 inches.) Many sources calculate the total length of the ark at 450 feet. Ark Encounter states 510. Whatever number you choose – that’s a lot of feet.

Take your child (or your class) outside. Park your car or choose another point of reference that can be seen from the end point. Then walk with the kids, counting off 450/510 steps. Once you get to the end point, have the kids turn around and look back at the starting marker.

Because so many pictures of the ark are cartoonish – kids and a lot of adults are surprised at the actual length! Having that many animals in the ark doesn’t seem that astonishing when the actual size is calculated!


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