The Very Best Book (Book Review)

In 1947 Mohammed, a shepherd boy, was searching for his lost goat near Israel’s Dead Sea. He scampered over rocky terrain and and then stopped when he saw a cave in the rocks. Maybe the goat was hiding in there? If so, Mohammed threw a rock to “scare” the goat out. But, instead he heard the noise of breaking pottery – the young shepherd boy had discovered the ancient manuscripts that were to become known as the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The scrolls were copies of all the Old Testament books except for Esther – and the scrolls were 1,000 years older than any previously known manuscript.

The Very Best Book describes the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in kid-appropriate language. I became familiar with this book about 12 years ago and was impressed with author Christy Weir teaching “church history” to children.

This is a picture book that tells the story of the scrolls – and includes a page at the beginning which gives further information to parents or teachers. I would highly recommend it – a storybook that teaches!

Currently you can get the book on Amazon. (Make sure you look for Christy’s name as author – there are other books by the same name.)  Because the book is older – it’s not always available, so I would encourage you to purchase a copy for your church or family library. The story does not go out of date.

The picture is one that we took of the Qumran Cave when we were in Israel.

Ok – just a fun side note. While we were on that drive down to the Dead Sea and rose past the Qumran Cave area, we saw some deer-like animals. The tour guide asked if anyone knew what they were and immediately I called out “ibex.” The guide and the other tourists seemed impressed – as did my husband. He asked how I knew that and I answered, “From one of the alphabet books in our preschool classroom – I is for Ibex.”  I knew directing that preschool was making me smarter!

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