When Did This Happen?

IMG_9340With the way many churches are set up today, kids get very confused as to what event in the Bible happened when. They hear about Paul on Sunday morning and Moses on Wednesday night with no connection between the two. Unfortunately a lot of kids (and adults) might even question whether Christ’s death and resurrection came before or after Moses and the Ten Commandments.

A good way to get kids to think is to challenge them with a time line. Here are 10 events … fairly easy ones for them to put in order

Write each event on a strip of card stock and mix them up. If you’re working with a group of kids – have them break into smaller groups of three or four. Put kids who know the Bible well with kids who don’t so the groups are evenly balanced.

If you are doing this at home, you could time your child. Continue putting the events in order (over a period of days/weeks) until the kids get them right. Later, we will do the same with a more difficult list of events. I added the references, but you might want to leave them off your strips of paper to make the challenge more difficult.

Creation – Genesis 1

Noah – Genesis 7

Ten Commandments – Exodus 20

Walls of Jericho – Joshua 6

Samson and Delilah – Judges 16

David and Goliath 1 Samuel 17

David becomes king – 2 Samuel 2

Birth of Christ – Luke 2

Christ feeds 5,000 – Luke 9

Paul and Silas – Acts 16

(Can you put them in order?)




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