Can Your Child Handle the Truth?

Or maybe a better question is – does your child understand the word truth? We talk to our kids a lot, but we don’t always take the time to ask if they comprehend what we’re saying.

One of the first facts we teach our kids is that the Bible is true because the Bible is God’s Word and what God says is always true.

But wait a minute! What does truth mean to a child?

Teach your child what we mean when we say something is true (and not a lie).

Truth means that a person is telling you exactly what happened, is happening or will happen. When you say to a child, “Your shirt is blue,” you are telling the truth (assuming her shirt is blue). When God says to us, I will never leave you.


He is telling us the truth.

Play a truth/non-truth game with your child. As you’re driving or cooking dinner, make a series of statements – some true, some false. Have your child tell you which statements are true and which aren’t true. (This exercise is solely for the purpose of teaching your child the meaning of the words true or truth.)

Some ideas.

One and one equal five or one and one equal two.

The sun shines at night and the moon shines during the day,  Or, the sun shines during the day and the moon shines at night.

We have a cat or we have a dog.

Sharing is good or sharing is bad.

Play the game now and then. After awhile you can have your child test you. This a good way to have fun and teach a key concept at the same time.



















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